International Paper is a world-leading producer of renewable fiber-based pulp, paper and packaging. Our products are part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world. They are in the hands of artists who turn paper into art; in the pages of books that educate children; in the boxes that store from fruits to electronics. Due to all that comprehensiveness, we have a commitment to the Planet, sustainability and responsibility with the communities where we work.

Our mission is to improve people’s lives, the planet and our company’s performance by transforming renewable resources into products people depend on every day. In order to reach that objective, last year, we have launched the IP Way Forward, which has five strategic pillars: Sustaining Forests, Investing in People, Improving Our Planet, Innovative Products and Inspired Performance. They are the drivers so we always do the right things, in the right ways, for the right reasons, all of the time. That is the best path so we become relevant for the next 100 years.


The responsibility we have for the environment is proportional to our growth. On the road to achieve our vision, we are Sustaining Forests, after all, our entire business depends on them. Therefore, as you are about to see in the following pages, we put a great deal of effort in initiatives and programs to ensure healthy and productive ecosystems for the generations to come.


Regardless of the place, safety is an unnegotiable value to us. With the LIFE Program, we ensure that our employees and service providers remain safe in every operation, going back home to their families healthily. Our goal is Zero Accident, and we believe that prevention is the best way to achieve it. For that reason, we are always Investing in People and in processes to improve safety.


Transforming people’s lives is our role. Therefore, in addition to being concerned about the lives of those who build our company, we also count on the International Paper Institute (IIP) that sustains corporate social responsibility projects, such as Formare, developed by the IP Institute in partnership with the Iochpe Foundation.  Aimed at training adolescents, the program allowed us to hire fourteen recently graduated students to work in the company in 2017.


We make an impact on people’s lives by means of our Innovative Products and maintaining an Inspired Performance in the market. With that positioning, we deliver sustainable solutions all the time. Our sustainability goals (2020 Goals) are our thermometer to validate whether our corporate strategies are effective and whether – with them – we are not only growing economically but also holding solid results that are Improving Our Planet.


In this Report, you will find data and information from 2017 proving that: doing the right things, in the right ways, for the right reasons, all of the time, is worthwhile. That is the result when we put the IP Way Forward into practice! Enjoy your reading!


Rodrigo Davoli

IP Brazil President

From 2010 to 2016, International Paper do Brasil has released its Sustainability Report according to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), with the latest version of the Essential G4 standard. For the 2017 Report, indicators have been updated according to the new GRI Standards. Due to this new update, the company has chosen not to submit the Report to external verification.


Financial statements can be found in the report of the headquarters of the company in the United States. To have access to such data, go to the “Performance, Financial Reporting” section on the websit  www.internationalpaper.com.


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In 2016, IP Brazil conducted the stakeholder consultation process intended to creating its Materiality Matrix and identifying the most relevant topics for its Sustainability Report. In 2017, there was an internal revalidation of the materiality, and the results were used for the contents of this Report.


The stakeholder consultation contributed to the creation of the Matrix with the following themes:

Relevant topics

Material aspects

Limit of relevant topics



Career development programs

Employee distribution by gender

Employee distribution by age group

Inside the organization

Health &


Incident prevention programs

Number of incidents and accidents

Health promotion programs

Safety Certification (OSHAS 18001)

Inside the organization

Sustainability Goals

2020 Goals

Inside and outside the organization

Ethics and fight against corruption

Internal policy on ethics and compliance Accusations and anti-retaliation program

Anti-corruption practices

Integrity and risk assessment

Inside and outside the organization

Biodiversity and environmental indicators

Water & effluents

Waste management

Energy and emissions

Biodiversity and natural resources preservation

Forest Research & Development Eucalyptus forest stewardship


Inside and outside the organization

Social actions

Social projects carried out by the IP Institute

Social Inclusion and diversity

Projects carried out supported by tax incentive laws

Donation and contribution policies

Inside and outside the organization

Supply chain

Type and distribution of suppliers

Impacts on the supply chain

Inside and outside the organization


World leader in the pulp, paper and packaging industry, IP has been in Brazil for more than 50 years. IP is committed to people, customers and operational excellence, investing in technology, innovation and sustainability to manufacture papers and packaging that people depend on every day. As a privately held company, IP Brazil chooses not to publicly disclose information regarding its economic performance.



To be among the most successful, sustainable and r

esponsible companies in the world


To improve people’s lives, the planet and our company’s

performance by transforming renewable resources into products people depend on every day.


Who we are

We are world leaders in pulp, paper and packaging manufacturing.

What we do

We transform renewable resources into recyclable products people depend on every day.

How we do it

The IP Way is how we go beyond just doing the right things: it is how we generate value for all our stakeholders for many generations to come. We do it by: Sustaining Forests, Investing in People, Improving Our Planet, creating Innovative Products and providing Inspired Performance for all our stakeholders.

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