IP recognizes the importance of aligning the needs of its businesses with the needs of the world, making a commitment to face sustainability challenges with transparency, always searching for continuous improvements. Thus, in 2011, the company established 12 voluntary goals to improve its impacts on people and the planet. Considering 2020 as the deadline to comply with that and 2010 as a base, all goals are global, and IP’s different facilities will contribute to each one of them according to their different potentials.

IP’s Code of Conduct presents all the ethical, personal integrity, and compliance principles that are critical to the company. Its standards are applicable in all countries where IP operates, covering issues such as its relationship with the government and communities, fight against corruption, respect for the environment and natural resources, international business and human rights. Ensuring compliance with ethical and legal standards is essential for the company to carry out its operations to the fullest, since people are its main asset, and its decisions impact on organizational and social development

IP establishes a set of policies and guidelines that guide corporate governance, laying down criteria for leadership composition, principles for commercial transactions, information on its structures, among others.

IP believes that carrying out its operations following all ethical and legal standards provides its stakeholders with greater transparency and eliminates any possibility of involvement with cases of corruption. To ensure proper practices, the company is based on its internal policy on Compliance with Anti-Corruption Legislation. It establishes guidelines for conduct and procedures relating to payments or promises of payments, in cash or other methods, made privately or to city, state or federal governments, on behalf of IP, in addition to imposing requirements for the maintenance of records related to accountability for such payments.

IP provides a confidential channel, called HelpLine, so that its employees, service providers, sales representatives, suppliers, and the general public can put forward concerns about potential corporate policy and compliance violations. Through that channel, users also receive guidance and advice on ethical and legal behavior. For the internal audience, HelpLine is a complementary reporting channel to the already existing ones. To have access to it, simply get a code available on the Intranet and on the company’s website.








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