IP Brazil is dedicated to manufacturing papers and packaging using renewable resources, protecting ecosystems and investing in the communities where it operates. The company’s businesses are divided into different segments, described below.



All the papers produced by IP Brazil come from 100% renewable eucalyptus forests certified by Cerflor or FSC®, which guarantees consumers and customers a responsible purchase. They are

divided into cut-size and offset paper segments.

Cut-size papers

Offset papers

Market leader, top of mind of its category in Brazil and exporting to more than 60 countries, Chamex

is the favorite paper among

consumers. Perfect for printing, writing, drawing everything that is important, Chamex offers certified products, printing efficiency and balanced ink absorption

Chamex Notes was developed to write down ideas, messages and help in the everyday organization,

and, just like the company’s entire

paper line, it is produced from 100% certified eucalyptus cultivation. The small reams of white paper have 300 sheets in the 80 mm x 115 mm format.

The line has been developed for

those who want superior printing

quality, because it has ColorLok

technology, which guarantees

more vivid colors, more intense

black and faster drying, with

less risks of staining.

Chamequinho is the multipurpose paper perfect for activities at home and at school, with 100-sheet open and close packaging. White or colored, Chamequinho helps to convey creativity as it is an inseparable companion present in the lives of children, parents, and teachers.

This complete product line of offset papers prints 100% of productivity in every project, with quality in color printing and the trust of a great brand, ensuring that the details of each product are perfect for several uses. The entire line is FSC and/or Cerflor certified.

The practical paper for printing and notes.


IP Brazil’s packaging business strategy is to deliver additional value to its customers. To do so, the company is focused on optimizing products, production efficiency and the supply chain. That allows us to establish partnerships with our key customers and provide solutions to meet their specific needs.


IP Brazil’s integrated system has three containerboard production units (in Nova Campina, Paulínia and Franco da Rocha), as well as four plants of corrugated packaging sheets and boxes (in Paulínia (SP), Suzano (SP), Rio Verde (GO) and Manaus (AM).




Paper made from unbleached virgin fibers.

Recommended for packaging that requires physical

resistance, high performance in machines and excellent printing capacity.



Paper made in two layers, with a mixed composition of virgin and recycled fibers.

It can be used both inside and outside the packaging, depending on its application.


White Top

Paper made in two layers, with virgin fibers. Its

homogeneous surface, combined with good

performance and resistance, enables high definition printing and offers sophistication to packaging.



Paper made from 100% recycled fibers. Primarily used in packaging structures, these papers can undergo

special chemical treatments that increase their

moisture resistance – a necessary feature, for example, in cold packs.

Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Produced in several formats, paper types and technical specifications.


Corrugated Packaging


Intended for handling, transportation and display of the product at the point of sale, these pieces of packaging can be divided into the following types:


   Packaging for protein.

   Multi-purpose corrugated packaging.

   Container and bag-in box packaging.

   Packaging for fruits and vegetables.

   Packaging for electronics.

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